Cluster Projects

Cluster meeting with Mr. Andrew Murray, director of EUNIC Global

Cluster meeting with the  participation of Mr. Andrew Murray, director of  EUNIC Global, which took place on 15.04.2016.

Designblock International Project

Designblok launches a big international project – a contest among European diploma (graduation) works organized under the auspices of EUNIC. Its trial year took place last year.

European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages by EUNIC Czech Republic

This year in Prague the 2012 European Day of Languages events organized by Eunic had a big success. The online-quiz counted 322 participants. 36 of them had all the 10 correct answers and 10 of them won a box with books, CDs and gadgets from all the participants.

EUNIC Landscape Architecture

The exhibition presents 36 projects realized in 18 European countries and examples of new approaches to, and perception and use of the environment shaped by man – all for new, primarily recreational and sports use, for meetings, culture and education.

European Day of Languages 2014 in Czech Republic

The aim of the European Day of Languages is to celebrate multilingualism in Europe and to promote learning of languages. There are many events organised around Europe to promote the importance of language learning and to increase awareness and appreciation of all languages spoken in Europe.

Literature Night 2012 Project

Literature Night 2012 Project

Czech Centres application for European Literature Nights 2012 project has been successful !!!

European literature plus the magic of Prague

European literature plus the magic of Prague

Contemporary European literature, famous Czech personalities, the magic of Prague.

A truly EUNIC cocktail

A truly EUNIC cocktail

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Presentation of the activities in the Czech Republic