European Day of Languages 2014 in Czech Republic

Czech Republic EDL

The aim of the European Day of Languages is to celebrate multilingualism in Europe and to promote learning of languages. There are many events organised around Europe to promote the importance of language learning and to increase awareness and appreciation of all languages spoken in Europe. Learning other peoples' languages is a way of helping us to understand each other better and overcome our cultural differences. This year, EUNIC Czech Republic has organized three events:1. Online quiz of 15 questions about different European languages and with the partecipation of 1.222 persons.2. Speak-dating: a short, unusual and fun way  to practice language skills or to try a new foreign language. The event was organized in the afternoon of  25th of September in the passage of the Lucerna Palace in Prague by the European cultural institutes affiliated to EUNIC in cooperation with the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic and the Institute of Language and Preparatory Studies of the Charles University. The event received kind support of Lucerna Barrandov, s.r.o.During the Speak-dating everyone could sit for five to ten minutes with teachers of a foreign language and have a short lesson with them. The choice was among 16 languages: Basque, Bulgarian, Czech for foreigners, English, French, Finnish, German, Galician, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. 89 people tried at least three different languages.3. Competition for pupils from the  6th to the 9th grades of primary school. Pupils were given the task of drawing or painting a page of “their own picture dictionary” in a foreign language. More than 800 pupils took part.