Literature Night 2012 Project

Literature Night 2012

Czech Centres application for European Literature Nights 2012 project has been successful !!! Literature Night 2012 project is based on the idea of literature as a unique creative tool reflecting a significant dialogue between single voices and cultures as well as a platform for cultural exchange helping to break down communication barriers.
The project aims to contribute to the intercultural dialogue by offering the platform to European countries to present their contemporary writing in new translations into Czech. A series of public readings performed by famous Czech celebrities will take place during a single evening at attractive venues of Prague. The project offers an exceptional shared reading experience enhanced by the combination of an interesting text, unique performance and a remarkable venue.
The project is organised by the Czech Centres in co-operation with EUNIC cluster in the Czech Republic. Cultural institutes or embassies representing the following countries confirmed participation: Austria, Belgium – the Flemish Representation, Belgium – Wallonie-Brussels, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.
During Literature Night 2012 each country will present a work of one of its authors in a recent translation into Czech. The project will take place on the eve of the opening of the biggest book festival in the Czech Republic – the Book World 2012, where visitors will be able to meet in person selected authors whose works are presented during Literature Night.
Through the Czech Centres international network and thanks to their cooperation with EUNIC clusters abroad  and other important local partners and institutions Literature Night 2011 will take place in a number of other European cities.
The project as a non-profit event contributes positively to the local community development and urban revitalization. It involves active participation of public institutions and organisations residing in the city district where the project takes place and contributes largely to the reputation of Prague as a creative city.
Invited guests will be able not only experience ´the night´ but learn how is this project organised. There will be chance for dedicated literary visits as well as possibility to attend the Book fair.
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