Memorandum of cooperation with Bubny Shoah Memorial

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26I10I2015 On 14 October 2015 during a special ceremony at the residence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Austria H.E. Dr. Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff a Memorandum of cooperation was signed between Bubny Shoah Memorial and EUNIC Cluster Prague. The beginning of this cooperation was initiated more than a year ago when Mr. Stingl and Mr. Bouska, the two main drivers of the BUBNY project, presented their ideas to the members of the EUNIC Cluster Prague. Their presentation was quite impressive and convincing and everyone unanimously agreed that our Cluster shall support the BUBNY project, especially by placing focus on “developing values and attitudes and supporting respect for basic human rights via permanent installations, temporary exhibitions, lectures, discussions and educational programs for the general public and the professional community.”

At the ceremony Natascha Grilj, director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Prague and former president of the Cluster, asserted: “It goes without saying that these are areas where EUNIC can get involved in and contribute to.”  On behalf of EUNIC the memorandum was signed by Galina Todorova, current president of EUNIC Cluster Prague, Natascha Grilj, former president and Berthold Franke, vice president.

This continuity is a certain guarantee for successful cooperation.